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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

And you know he wants you to

So Advanced Directing scenes are over. Once I turn in my paper on Thursday, I am officially done with that class. I've never been so bummed about a course being over before.

I've learned that directing is totally my bag, baby. I just need to not let my general insecurities as a person filter into my insecurities as a director. I know it makes me terribly neurotic and tiring to work with. My actors were brilliant at not complaining about me in any way that would make me hear them or realize they'd just been talking about me before I came into the room. And for that, I salute them. But yeah, I really want to keep directing. And I think I want to keep working with ritual theatre. We'll see how that goes.

And I seem to be...writing a play?!?! I sat down at my computer last night and started to write. At first it was just a dialogue back and forth, but that quickly turned into a conversation, which turned into a scene - and then I found myself starting to put stage directions in there, and already the plot has started to thicken. Now one of the characters is about to let us (the other character and myself) in on whatever it is he's been sitting on the whole's very exciting. I don't find anything in it that warrents showing it to anyone else, ever. But that could always change. I'll keep you posted. (As though people read this.)